Dogecoin Grows by 22% Following Twitter Update Announcement

Elon Musk has recently published slides of the presentation of the updated Twitter 2.0. Right after the publication, the meme-cryptocurrency Dogecoin (DOGE) soared to $0.1 benchmark.

According to analysts, over the past week, the meme-cryptocurrency increased by 22%. In addition, the coin secured the eighth place in the rating of digital assets by capitalization with $13B.

It is noteworthy that Musk did not directly mention Dogecoin in his announcement. However, as some investors suggest, the coin could be integrated as a payment method on Twitter. Recall that back in April, Elon Musk mentioned such a proposal.

What was the reason for such speculation? In one of the slides, there was an empty field opposite the “Payments” section. In addition, encrypted private messages were also seen in the images.

According to researcher Jane Wong, the Signal Protocol will be used to integrate this function. It is well known that the Signal Protocol is used to provide cryptocurrency payments in MobileCoin (MOB).

At the same time, prior to the publication of Wong, MOB sharply strengthened more than six times, from $0.59 to $3.7.

As for Dogecoin, in November, the coin broke the $0.15 benchmark for the first time since April. We witnessed a previous leap of almost 10% after  the data release of Elon Musk buying Twitter.

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