When trading with CryptoKG, you can always count on the highest quality customer service, the best trading conditions, the safety of your assets and much more. Indeed, a number of structural divisions of the company tirelessly work on its development and improvement.

Founder and Chief Executive Officer Richard Byrne

Richard Byrne, 37

The man who stood at the origins, and made a significant contribution to the creation of the company. Today, he is in charge of making the most responsible decisions that contribute to the sustainable development of our stock exchange.

Chief Operating Officer Archer Bell

Archer Bell, 41

Fully controls the current activities of the company, coordinating the work of each department. In addition, he introduces into the work of the company those solutions that allow maintaining the service at the highest level.

Chief information officer Samar Halaby

Samar Halaby, 34

He manages all information resources and technologies of our company. Thanks to his rich experience, this person not only brought CryptoKG to the market leaders, but also continues to work on the innovative development of the exchange.

Research and Development Director Omer Laishram,

Omer Laishram, 29

The development of the company, the search for new high-tech solutions and much more – this is what the department, headed by an experienced and responsible leader, is engaged in.

Chief financial officer Orson Ross,

Orson Ross, 36

Of course, finance is one of the most important areas for the work of every crypto exchange. Our CFO does everything to ensure that the most reliable and optimal financial solutions are used in the work of the exchange.

Chief marketing officer Bridget Lynch

Bridget Lynch, 28

Today, the competitive market of crypto exchanges requires a lot of effort from companies to create effective marketing strategies. Therefore, the position of CMO at CryptoKG is a young and energetic specialist, filled with ideas and inspiration to work for you.

Chief Information Security Officer Mohan Raha,

Mohan Raha, 34

Information security is one of the pillars on which the entire work of our exchange is built. Thanks to this, you can always be calm about the safety of your funds, as well as all client information.

Chief Legal Officer Evan Madigan,

Evan Madigan, 33

To work in accordance with the letter of the law is really important. And in our company, this is monitored by a whole department headed by an efficient and competent manager.

Head of Analytics Joseph Kenny,

Joseph Kenny , 39

For those who trade tokenized assets, it is very important to receive analytical information quickly. With CryptoKG you can be sure that you are getting the best trading signals from the leading analysts in the field.

HR Manager Nora O'Kane,

Nora O'Kane, 29

To be the best, you need to work with the best. That is why our HR department selects only the most effective and promising applicants who make the CryptoKG team a leader in their field.



If you would like to join our team, please submit your CV for consideration, or check out our current job openings.