Saving Account

Knowing how deposit interest works can help investors multiply their profits while remaining in the form of passive income. After all, Saving Account is a service that allows you to get high income using the analogue of keeping funds on a bank deposit.


How does it work?

The system works in such a way that due to the assets that are on the Saving Account accounts, the CryptoKG exchange makes it possible to increase profits, thanks to the power of mining systems, the formation of an insurance fund, attracting new investments, and lending strategies.

Optimization of processes using blockchain technologies and the absence of bureaucracy allows you to set up your savings account and achieve stable and passive income without even leaving your home.

The main advantages of a Saving Account over a bank deposit

1. High percent

Turning to the bank, and leaving there, conditionally, $ 100,000, at 20% per annum, $ 120,000 is generated there per year.
Using a Saving Account, you have the opportunity to receive from 35% per annum, which will give you 135,000 USDT, or even more.

2. Interest payments every three days

The bank gives you the opportunity to receive interest payments once a year, while CryptoKG will allow you to receive interest income every three days.

3. Decentralization

Using BTC and USDT as the main currency for a Saving Account will allow you to experience all the benefits of cryptocurrencies, which include transparency, anonymity, and investment attractiveness.