changed: 24.12.21

Personal Manager

Impeccable and quality service is what we deliver to our users. For this reason, we provide professional support operators so that customers can receive 24/7 assistance.
A personal manager will help you with the following things:

  • Consultations on the work of the platform;
  • Consultations on algorithmic trading;
  • Consulting on the management of your assets, operations, management of current assets, risk measurement;
  • Recommendations for current market opportunities.


In any convenient way

As an international tokenized asset provider with a large number of clients from a wide variety of countries, we understand that each client has individual needs.
For this reason, an individual manager aims to provide the most complete range of services available to the user.

Manager roles:

  1. Help in making decisions;
  2. Informing about the current company policy, bonuses and services;
  3. Forcing communication between clients and the company;
  4. Development of an investment plan and other personal services.

The manager will use the communication channel that is convenient for the client. This includes email, 24/7 hotline, instant messengers, telephone, SMS.