changed: 12.07.22

Personal Banking

CryptoKG serves entrepreneurs in the digital currency trend. We have built strong relationships with individuals who seek to diversify their assets in the digital world. Our straight-forward crypto banking allows:

  • Transactions involving tokenized assets and cryptocurrencies;
  • Premium services for more retail customers;
  • Remote customer service

We create unique products that work for our customers and give them something they actually care about. And this is why our personal banking services are made available to anyone, anywhere.

What is Personal Banking?

CryptoKG personal banking is a quick and easy way to manage your cryptocurrency with many benefits in a convenient package. We offer flexible, secure personal banking options tailored to meet your investment needs.

Personal Banking Features

  • Buy, sell, and hold tokenized assets
  • Funds deposits and withdrawals
  • Receive passive income
  • Real-time settlements
  • Control and accounting of capital efficiency
  • Risk management and financial planning consulting
  • Secure your funds away from cybercriminals

Additional benefits of personal banking
Our tailored personal service benefits and approach include:

  • Individual financing options;
  • Portfolio optimization for investments
  • Planning the transfer of income to future generations;
  • Retirement planning;
  • Opportunities to receive benefits and additional bonuses.

Personal Manager

Managing your account is important to prevent theft, scams, and hidden fees. Having a personal manager helps you grow your wealth faster and more conveniently. We deliver impeccable professional support managers to assist our customers anytime, anywhere, any day.

Your personal manager can assist you with:

  • Management of assets and operations
  • Risk management
  • Trade and algorithmic trading consultation
  • Insights on market opportunities and recommendations

In convenient way

As an asset tokenization platform with clients all over the world, we understand that each client has unique needs. Therefore, personal managers aim to optimize the services available to their clients.

Manager roles:

  • Help in making the right decisions;
  • Inform clients about the current company policy, bonuses, and services;
  • Initiating communication between clients and the company;
  • Developing investment plans and other personal services

Enable convenient means of communication for the client, ranging from email, 24/7 hotline, instant messengers, telephone, and SMS.