The stock market is highly dynamic and offers traders many opportunities. As a rule, stocks are suitable for medium and long-term investors. Stocks are affected by various events occurring in the market. Quotations may increase or decrease on the news of issuers’ profits due to the launch of new products on the market and changes in stock prices of competing companies. For example, negative materials in the media about the smartphone manufacturer, in which a technical problem was identified, can cause an increase in the value of shares of its direct competitors. Profitable companies often pay their shareholders dividends in a fixed amount per share.

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Buying a stock on the CryptoKG. platform by opening a long position (“BUY”) without using leverage means that you invest your funds in the corresponding underlying asset *; in this case, the purchase and storage of the shares are carried out on your behalf. At the same time, CryptoKG offers additional functions that are implemented through the use of CFD trading. When using CFD contracts, you can open short positions (“SELL”), use leverage and make fractional transactions with stocks. For example, on the CryptoKG platform, you can invest only $ 100 per share, the actual value of which is $ 500.

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