The boost of Yield Farmes Gains with Alpha Homora v2


How Alpha Homora v2 Will Boost Yield Farmes Gains

Alpha Finance Lab announced in its twitter that they are going to relaunch the Alpha Homora. The team called the project a “milestone towards our mission to build and incubate an innovative Alpha ecosystem” to be deployed on Ethereum.

After the launch of Alpha Homora, official post claimed that the platform growth. Even more, new partnership set is being discussed. In fact, they are discussing with Polygon in order to integrate its layer solution and multi-chain platform, with more fees for Alpha holders.

Users of Alpha Homora will have their benefits after the launch of these announced features. Yield farmers will have an opportunity to leverage more pools on Uniswap and Sushiswap DEXs. The bonus is that the Curve protocols and Balancer protocols will provide more ways to increase the profits for yield farmers and the providers of liquidity. Users will have a leverage for them. According to Alpha Finance Lab:

The scalable architecture of Alpha Homora V2 means the platform can accommodate more leveraged pools than Alpha Homora v1. Furthermore, these extra leveraged pools will include stablecoin-based pools and many more, meaning leveraged pools will no longer be just ETH-based.

Moreover, Alpha Homora v2 will be also integrated with different assets, which include ETH, USDT, USDC. Alpha Finance Lab adds the following statement:

from the yield farming side, the relaunch of Alpha Homora V2 will allow leveraged yield farmers/liquidity providers to use LP tokens as collateral! The ‘Bring Your Own LP’ (BYOLP) tokens feature supports LP tokens from Uniswap V2, SushiSwap, Curve, and Balancer.

Alpha Homora v2 will also use derivatives and base tokens in order to offer new ways to rise the efficiency of their capital with ibTokensV2. Protocol will be operated with different oracle aggregator contracts. So that, they will fuel the platform with different trustworthy oracle providers.DeFiance Capital’s Wangarian stated on Alpha Finance Lab product and the benefits users can get:

Users can now maximize the potential that leveraged yield farming provides without obtaining unnecessary short exposure. I am confident that traction for Alpha’s products will regain momentum.


The migration of Alpha Homora from v1 to v2

The second literation of the protocol will go through a migration before on the start. This way, positions and liquidity will be transferred from the first iteration to the second one. Alpha Finance Lab says that the transition will be smooth for all the users. 

The final result is the release of the new enhanced version with brand-new experience, better security and many other useful features. Products will capture the demand, which is not common for traditional financial system. 

ETH is trading at $2.409,66 with a 3.6% profit daily. In the weekly chart, ETH gained 4.6% profit. In the monthly chart – 34.6% profit.

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