Vitalik Buterin talks about a breakthrough in the methods of using cryptocurrencies

According to the founder of Ethereum, in the future, stablecoins can be used even for authorization on Facebook or Twitter
Just the other day Vitalik Buterin, the founder of Ethereum, shared his opinion on the prospects of using cryptocurrencies. The global launch of non-custodial wallets, inflation-resistant stablecoins and accounts on websites using Ethereum blockchain – according to Buterin, these will be the most breakthrough and promising ways of introducing cryptocurrencies into the global economy.
He shared these thoughts due to certain concerns against the background of the end of the “wave of implementation” of dapps and reduction of such opportunities for developers.
The founder of Ethereum admits that the infrastructure of non-custodial wallets requires some changes, which can expand the geography of their use. This way, “billions of people” can use the technology.
To sum it all up, if a globally sustainable stablcoin were launched that could withstand any modern challenge, the global community’s view of the financial system would be overturned. However, according to Buterin, there is a need to reduce the monopoly of large developers of Internet apps.
“If you can log in with Ethereum and remove Facebook, Google and Twitter as the ‘gateway leaders’ of the Internet, well, that’s a huge opportunity in itself, isn’t it?” says Buterin.
The Ethereum founder agreed with the fact that the market is in a transition phase to a more mature stage. Against this background, there is also an increase in competition, so the opportunity to close such niches is less and less obvious.

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